The Enviropals! the nationally broadcast children series on the PBS network is proud to offer for the first time, seasons 1-4 ( 52 episodes) to schools and school districts to use as a comprehensive educational platform for the Primary and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) student.

Each episode includes:

Rae Rae Adventure (site visit by Rae Rae the Red Panda to locations throughout the United States specially showcasing the episode's theme).

Critter Connection ( visit to one of the nation's premiere zoos where a professional zookeeper teaches the viewer all about a featured animal).

Do and Show Project ( a hands on activity designed to coincide and reinforce the episode's theme)

Music Videos (2) (each song is crafted for the episode's theme to both entertain and more importantly educate the viewer through the use of music).

The Enviropals! In Your School or District


The Enviropals! Comprehensive license includes:

  • 52 themed episodes in High Definition H:264 delivered via hard drive formatted to easily ingest into any district or school server.

  • 18 weekly (unit plans) which includes: teacher's guide, reading activity, hands on activity, math activities, and of course a great science lesson.

    License is for one (1) calender year with discounts for additional licensed years.

To license the Enviropals! for your school or district please contact

Brian Bailey

National Sales Director

Shooting Star Educational Television


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