What Is the Enviropals! Television Series?

The "Enviropals!" is the first "green-themed" kids' show to be distributed nationally on the Public Broadcasting System!

The "Enviropals!" is an entertaining, educational 30 minute adventure that chronicles the adventures of "Rae Rae the Red Panda" who lives in his "House-tree" in Naturia and his friends Safari Stan, Safari Sue and the Safari Kids. Sixteen zany animal puppets also live in the House-tree with Rae Rae and interact with the cast throughout the show.

Each episode, Rae Rae receives a viewer letter called a “Tree Mail”. The Tree Mail shares either a problem or a solution that coincides with the episode’s specific theme. Rae Rae then travels to visit the “Tree-mailer” on location via the House-tree’s Green Screen which acts as a teleporting-television.

In addition to the “Rae Rae's Adventure,” each episode includes (2) thematic/teaching music videos, an “Enviro-Do-and-Show” segment to instruct children how to make something that either helps the viewer to better understand science or help the environment, a “Critter Connection” visit to the zoo which showcases animals that we need to protect on Earth.

The overall theme of the Enviropals! is to not only educate each child on the importance of becoming good stewards, but to empower them with proactive approaches that they can do on their own.

That is why Rae Rae says in every episode “If I do my part and you do your part, and your friends do their part, we can really make a difference! It’s that easy!”

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